On the Horizon

On the Horizon

Johannesburg-based photographer, Aart Verrips, has captured the attention of the South African fashion scene, making a “global and digital impact” through a distinctive style that merges provocation with commerciality. 

His previous studies in haute cuisine influence a wider attention to detail. Horizon lines cut across geometric styling; symmetrical scenes of models nestle into a textured landscape. 

Verrips notes: “I love fashion photography because you can create a different world in one single frame, you can make the impossible seem possible.” This ideal permeated his debut solo exhibition at Hazard Gallery, Johannesburg. The show sparked questions about masculine beauty – its alluring variances and our endless pursuit for perfection.

Verrips’ editorial work has been published in GQ, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue Italia, Men’s Health, Woman’s Health, Client, and Yearbook Fanzine, and more. 


All images courtesy of Aart Verrips.