Nur Skulptur! Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany

Nur Skulptur! (Only Sculpture!) is a collection of around 400 works from the Mannheimer Sculpture Collection, including key works from art history, forgotten pieces and artworks from the depot. Spread across 20 rooms in total, the artists, scholars and designers who prepared the exhibition have set up a space for experimentation with the theme of sculpture. The Mannheimer Sculpture Collection is captivating and complex and provides an overview of sculpture from modernism to the 21st century. In its largest sculpture exhibition to date, the Kunsthalle Mannheim makes use of this collection and casts a contemporary eye over the works.

Düsseldorf-based sculptor Bogomir Ecker is responsible for the concept and artistic realization, along with the sculpture curator Stefanie Patruno. While, John Bock, Thomas Hirschhorn, Thomas Rentmeister, Roman Signer and Kiki Smith are artists concerned with producing their own contributions. The resulting project crosses borders and presents contradictions, even readily accepting sculptural interventions within existing architecture. Nur Skulptur! attempts to unite artistic practice with art studies, challenging the accepted concept of what constitutes a sculpture or an exhibition.

Nur Skulptur! 16 March – 17 November, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Friedrichsplatz 4 68165 Mannheim, Germany.

Only Sculpture! exhibition view © Kunsthalle Mannheim, print Cem Yücetas, 2013.