Nocturnal Journeys

Nocturnal Journeys

American photographer Todd Hido (b. 1968) captures the mystery of suburbia in Light from Within, the new exhibition at Galerie les Filles du Calvaire, Paris. The enigmatic images are the result of nocturnal road trips – portraying static houses glowing in the darkness.

Todd Hido, #11797-3252, 2017. From the series Bright Black World. Courtesy Galerie Les filles du calvaire.

The show also navigates the desolate landscapes of northern Europe, rendering expansive terrains with a signature use of light and contrast. In these works the artist looks to the physicality of climate change, crafting post-apocalyptic territories obscured by mist and shadow,

Opening 6 September. Find out more here.

Lead image: Todd Hido, #2319-b, 1999, From the series House Hunting.
Courtesy Galerie Les filles du calvaire.