Next Generation 2015 Interview with Photographer Yukihito Kono

Next Generation 2015: Future Greats

Contemporary photography is entering a limitless post-analogue phase of innovation. Aesthetica has handpicked a selection of promising young photographers working across documentary, fine art and experimental digital media, in partnership with London College of Communication. These creatives are pushing the limits of photography through cross-platform experimentation. We interview Kanazawa, Japan-based photographer and London College of Communication alumnus Yukihito Kono.

Yukihito is at the forefront of an evolution in contemporary Japanese photography, eschewing the impressionistic, blurred and out-of-focus quality of renowned 20th century Japanese photographers such as Noboyushi Araki for a clearer, more defined and dynamic form of image-making. The young photographer divides his time between London and Kanazawa, Japan. He is co-founder of STAY ALONE, a publishing house for independent artists, and has self-published a series of books. Yukihito has exhibited internationally, and has featured in such publications as Dazed & Confused and, most recently, Aesthetica.

To explore more of Yukihito’s work, visit and pick up the August/September issue of Aesthetica.

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