Next Generation 2015 Interview with Photographer Hannah White

Next Generation 2015: Future Greats

Contemporary photography is entering a limitless post-analogue phase of innovation. Aesthetica has handpicked a selection of promising young photographers working across documentary, fine art and experimental digital media, in partnership with London College of Communication. These creatives are pushing the limits of photography through cross-platform experimentation. We interview London-based photographer and London College of Communication alumnus Hannah White.

Hannah aims to reveal the manipulative power of the advertising image and how consumers can desire organic objects rather than materialistic ones. Her work is characterised by an adventurous use of multimedia, and technological experimentation, including 3D printing and work with flash and fluids to reproduce lustrous textures in her photography. She employs popular techniques used in advertising imagery, testing these in order to make the onlooker desire the organic object within. The resulting perfection that is perceived becomes an unattainable, fictional commodity, reflected in images of success, beauty and wealth, depicting the moment at which we emotionally part with sense and reality, and join the hyper-real, and fabricated world.

To explore more of Hannah’s work, visit and pick up the August/September issue of Aesthetica.

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