Next Generation 2015 Interview with Photographer Becca Sidhu

Next Generation 2015: Future Greats

Contemporary photography is entering a limitless post-analogue phase of innovation. Aesthetica has handpicked a selection of promising young photographers working across documentary, fine art and experimental digital media, in partnership with London College of Communication. These creatives are pushing the limits of photography through cross-platform experimentation. We interview London-based photographer and London College of Communication alumnus Becca Sidhu.

Becca’s recent series Anxious Desire explores a digital human form where control between man and machine becomes blurred.  Inspired by contemporary advertising and social media, her juxtaposition of images presents a dystopian world created by fragments. The images play with illusion and construction, drawing the viewer into undefined spaces with infinite depth, which almost instantly push back to the surface of the photographic print. Physical set builds and textures sit alongside digitally conceived ones, emphasising the very idea of “surface.” A portrait of exteriors is built. Consequently a sense of absence is created: a world based solely on a seamless exterior becomes unsettling.

To explore more of Becca’s work, visit and pick up the August/September issue of Aesthetica.

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