Newcastle Fine Art Degree Show 2015

The graduating artists at Newcastle University will present their degree show at London’s SCIN Gallery, Old Street from the 23 to 28 June. The exhibition will feature a variety of disciplines and the 57 artists featured will consist of painters, printmakers, sculptors, video artists and performance artists who have dedicated the last four years to developing their practice.

Utilising the support and encouragement of Newcastle University and its staff, students have previously put on a striking array of independent shows and collaborations, not only at the university but in art venues across the city. Perhaps the most successful of these was Square One; a platform for; artists, musicians, dancers, performers and other creatives to meet like-minded people in bi-monthly exhibitions and also Occasions, which was a series of art and music events aimed at celebrating the diverse talents of young people as an opportunity for young creatives to showcase their work and passions.

Students at Newcastle have also taken a pragmatic approach in the promotion and representation of their work by creating Unstapled Press, to showcase creative writing talent. This form of thinking has allowed students to refine their practice and receive feedback in preparation for their final show. Visitors are invited to join the celebration of artistic achievement and explore the unique exhibition on the opening night Tuesday 23 June form 7pm at the SCIN Gallery in London. The gallery is a contemporary art space in Central London and the exhibition will adopt an archival approach and a contemporary interpretation of the Salon-style hang, the private view will also feature live performances.

The Fine Art Degree Show provides an excellent example of why the course at Newcastle ranks as one of the most prestigious in the country, some 600  students apply for a program that offers only 60 places. The goal of the university is to present the students as professional artists and to test their ideas in the public arena. This aspiration to excel motivates the students to work together in groups throughout their final year arranging fundraising events, sponsorship, publicity and a popular opening night for the degree show.

Newcastle Fine Art Degree Show 2015, 23-28 June, SCIN Gallery, Old Street, London. Find out more at

1. Be everyone’s favourite Girl! performance, Maria Abbott. Image courtesy of Newcastle Fine Art Degree Show.