New Media: Works from the Aesthetica Art Prize

New Media: Works from the Aesthetica Art Prize

Aesthetica selects five innovative practitioners from previous editions of the Aesthetica Art Prize who engage with technology and digital culture. From interactive works to art replicating nature, each piece asks questions about the wider  impact of new media.

Jiayu Liu, Ocean Wave

This piece interrogates the relationships between humans and nature, creating a visualisation of the earth’s natural cycles. Replicating wave forms, the work provokes behavioural responses and emotional resonance.

Henry Driver, Odyssey

This interactive installation questions the definitions of virtual space, bringing into question the illusory aspects of choice and action. It presents an endless hallucinatory dream of an unattainable horizon which the viewer is tasked with reaching.

Rachel Ara, This Much I’m Worth

2016 prize winner Ara’s self-evaluating artwork continually displays its own worth, questioning the values we place on objects and people. The work sources this information from the internet, assisted by complex data mining algorithms.

Matt Parker, The Cloud is More Than Air and Water

The Cloud is More Than Air and Water surveys the physical locations of “The Cloud”, capturing the unique acoustic footprint of the internet. It highlights the fact that somewhere in the world a physical hive of noise, cables and chaos maintains our “digital selves.”

Stephen Hendee, The Last People

The Last People analyses form building, which is influenced by digital methodologies and makes use of ordinary materials. The objects in this piece suggest mechanical devices in various states of transformation or decay. mirroring the ascent of digital culture.

1. All images courtesy the artists.