Neue Welt

Wolfgang Tillmans

Over a period of more than two decades, Wolfgang Tillmans has explored the medium of photography with impressive range. This book and the new series Neue Welt (New World) were created in the course of numerous journeys around the world.

Beginning with an extensive and engaging conversation between the photographer and Beatrix Ruf, Director of Kunsthalle Zürich, Neue Welt includes portraits, still-lifes, landscapes and sky photographs as well as scenes involving subcultures. Images of drainpipes, close-ups of cascading waterfalls, scenes from the operating table continue Tillman’s preoccupation with recording the world.

Translating the Lighter series, in which the photographic paper has been transformed into three-dimensional object by manipulating and deliberate folding, onto the printed page was clearly a challenge. Overlaying these images has resulted in a collage effect, as opposed to the dynamic, multi-dimensional experience intended by the artist. In spite of this minor rupture, this is a thought-provoking accompaniment to the exhibition.

Bethany Rex