Motionless Observations

Iveta Vaivode

Born in Latvia, Iveta Vaivode (b. 1979) asks viewers to stop and appreciate the natural beauty in the world, whether that is in the village where her grandmother was born or in the stillness of an operatic performance. The romantic and nostalgic photographs look at the world as if through the objective and inquisitive eyes of a child. Somewhere On Disappearing Path (2011-2013) draws on Vaivode’s memories, capturing a dreamy and simple life in the countryside. Sparkling lakes, rural scenery, woodland clearings, motionless villagers and ambient interiors appear almost painterly through the camera. The natural use of light and the observational perspective within the images make the settings and subjects almost fictitious, as if they have walked out of a fairytale. In 2014 Vaivode was shortlisted for the Sony World Photography and Leica Oscar Barnack Award. This collection is on display at C/O Berlin from 21 February – 10 April, as part of the Talents Award. The following works are extracted from the aforementioned series and Terminus (2008).