Morton Valence

Bob and Veronica Ride Again
Bastard Recordings

You really have to admire a band that is selling shares of their debut album, stating that as an investor you “will be a part of a pioneering new spirit in a revitalised music industry.”

So, now on to the music, Morton Valence take on that intellectual art-band persona, but in reality, that is who they are — this album is not for the dusty back shelf, but sees a debut rise through the merit of its innovation, walls of synths, cheesy duets, and electro-pop ballads — “I’ve been falling down the stairs of love.” Morton Valence is inventive, they use household items as instruments, play and experiment with sounds. You’d certainly file them next to Art Brut, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Pulp.

The truth is a lot of bands want to sound like Morton Valence, but this is the real deal. There’s a rich idealism present throughout the album’s 13 tracks — it makes a refreshing change.

Shirley Stevenson