Interior Dialogues

Michael Eastman

Intent on photographing that which society often takes little time to absorb, Michael Eastman has spent four decades shooting interiors, buildings and shop fronts. The self-taught photographer has spent time in Havana, Paris, Rome and New Orleans, recording in minute detail the distinctive features of each place. Primarily emptied of human presence, his photographs are a silent and still reflection on the world we inhabit. The lack of people suspends time and allows for an objective study of humanity through the decay, history and character of a building. All captured on film, the following striking pieces explore, from both inside and outside, the crumbling yet gloriously coloured capital of Cuba. The lens focuses on the textures of the chosen landscape, relating the narratives of a place visually rather than verbally. From 12 February until 29 March, the Michael Hoppen Gallery displays a series of Eastman’s Havana photographs.