Manet: Portraying Life, Picture House, City Screen, York

Manet: Portraying Life, Picture House, City Screen, York

For the first time in the UK, the Royal Academy of Arts presents Edouard Manet’s stunning portraiture. The show has been a huge success and those outside of London are now offered the opportunity to view Manet’s works in HD on the big screen at a variety of cinemas across the UK. One of these events will be at City Screen, York, 11 April.

Around half of Manet’s artistic output was portraiture: he painted his family and friends, and also the literary, political and artistic figures of the day. Spanning the entire career of this enigmatic (and at times controversial) artist, Manet: Portraying Life brings together more than 50 works, including masterpieces such as Music in the Tuileries, Olympia, Luncheon on the Grass and The Railway.

Other pieces included are portraits of Manet’s most frequent sitter, his wife Suzanne Leenhoff; luminaries of the period, such as Antonin Proust, Émile Zola and Stéphane Mallarmé; and scenes from everyday life, revealing Manet’s forward-thinking, modern approach to portraiture.

The film also presents exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the show’s construction, combined with a superbly crafted biography of Manet and 19th-century Paris.

Manet: Portraying Life, 11 April, City Screen, Picture House, York.

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