Lost Leisure

Mark Havens’s Out of Season series depicts the disappearing motels of Wildwood, New Jersey, bringing out the interplay of an idealised past and its inexorable disappearance. Wildwood is a small barrier island at the tip of southern New Jersey, containing the highest concentration of mid-century modern hospitality architecture in the United States. These motels have remained unchanged for half a century, but are now slowly being demolished – vacant pools and forecourts replete with retro patterned uniformity are flanked by empty chairs, and haunted by a tangible absence. Havens attempts to halt the irreversible flow of time through these images, capturing a bygone era of simple leisure time. Artificial palms stand suspended, preserved in the same air as the photos themselves. Havens is a professor at Philadelphia University. His work has featured in publications such as The New York Times, and has been exhibited internationally. www.markhavens.com.