Liberty: British Colour Pattern

Marie-Therese Rieber

Referred to by Oscar Wilde as “the chosen resort of the artistic shopper”, Liberty has maintained its creative relevance for 140 years, captivating visitors with its prints and Oriental goods. Instantly recognisable with its striking Tudor shopfront, the department store has been loved by London’s residents since Arthur Lasenby Liberty founded it in 1875.

Today the store is a haven of high-end fashion, furniture, cosmetics, jewellery and, of course, the distinctive Liberty prints. British Colour Pattern celebrates the vibrant history and innovative development of the brand that is ever-expanding and embracing new ideas. Illustrated with the art that has become synonymous with the shop, the book is complete with pull-out examples of adverts, vintage sketches and posters.

With its roots in Eastern inspiration and artistic sensibilities, Liberty has a past unlike any other department store in London. The multi-faceted ideals behind the brand make for a fascinating read and the beautiful layout of the text is consistent with the interior of the store itself.

Hannah Clugston