Let There Be Light, Gazelli Art House, London

Let There Be Light, the new exhibition at Gazelli Art House focuses exclusively on artists who use light as a medium to create sculpture and installations, ranging from natural light that streams through stained glass windows to the use of neon tubing. The exhibitition runs from 14th Setptember till 28th October and features artists such as, Vittorio Corsini, Sergio Calderón, Stanley Casselman, Aaron Koblin, United Visual Artists and Henry Krokatsis.

This exhibition draws not on the history of light art or light installation art. The intent is not to strike a particular chord of meaning so as to paradoxically cage the interpretations of a light installation. Rather, a platform is provided for the selected artists to surpass the outlines of space and draw on the purity of the aesthetics, the power of the visible rays of curiosity. There is no limitation as to how far the viewer decides to embrace the work or allow the work to engage with him — no expectancy is placed on the viewer to make this conscious decision either. The exhibition advocates an inner state of free fall — the weightlessness of our past, present and future that merges all three in one timeless vacuum, freeing ourselves to travel at the speed of light.

Gazelli Art House want to expand this thought of how artists use light to alter perception and offer experience outside the everyday and reward people for it by spilling creativity onto the streets and into the everyday where it belongs by running the Light Graffiti competition. They are currently looking for creative minds to give their offerings of light Graffiti in line with the current exhibition, in the hope that the city can be transformed by the vision of unique individuals and their use of light, capturing a moment of brilliance in the darkness. The winning participant will have their work printed and framed for them by Gazelli Art House.

For further details on the competition see here: www.cagrimmett.com

Let There Be Light, 14th September until 28th October, Gazelli Art House, 39 Dover Street, London, W1S 4NN. www.gazelliarthouse.com


1. The Story of You and Me, 2012, Stanley Casselman, courtesy Gazelli Art House
2. Always/Never, 2012, UVA, courtesy Gazelli Art House
3. Flight Patterns, Aaron Koblin, courtesy of s[edition] and Gazelli Art House
4. Sul Finire dell’occhio …, 2012, Vittorio Corsini, courtesy Gazelli Art House