Juno Calypso chosen as Tom Hunter’s Artist of the Day 2015 at Flowers Gallery

Flowers Gallery has announced the nominations for its 22nd edition of Artist of the Day, a valuable platform for emerging artists since 1983, including photographer and conceptual artist Juno Calypso. The week long exhibition will showcase the work of five artists, nominated by prominent figures in contemporary art. Past nominees have included Hynek Martinec and Jason Shulman, both of whom have gone on to make a lasting impact upon the world of contemporary art. The criteria for selection is a visible talent, originality and the ability to benefit from a one-day solo exhibition at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street. Artists who have taken part in past selections include Tracey Emin, Gilbert & George, Maggi Hambling and Cornelia Parker. This year artist Robert McNally (selected by Jake and Dinos Chapman) features alongside Calypso. In the words of Matthew Flowers himself, “Artist of the Day gives an extraordinary and unparalleled opportunity for new and sometimes older neglected talent to shine in a solo one day West End exhibition.”

Passionate about the curatorship and development of new and emerging artistic talent, Flowers gallery regularly attends international art fairs and the gallery features both established and emerging artists on its walls. It is a natural fit for Calypso whose work has gone from strength to strength in recent years. In describing his reasoning for choosing the photographer, her sponsor Tom Hunter said, “I chose Juno as my Artist of the Day for her truly original and disturbing vision of herself and feminine identity. I first came across Juno’s work at her photography degree show at the LCC, when she graduated in 2012. Even though I lecture there I had never met or taught Juno, and it was a complete shock to see her work at the final show. Her version of femininity is startling, strange and compulsive, a mixture of Stepford Wives and Cindy Sherman. Her vision is something that I would love to be able to share with a wider audience and Flowers gallery is the perfect place for this.” An honour for Calypso herself, the award is also the perfect opportunity for people to experience modern and contemporary art in the heart of London. Juno Calypso is featured as Artist of the Day on 2 July.

Artist of the Day, Until 5 July, Flowers Gallery, 21 Cork Street, London, W1S 3LZ.

More information at www.flowersgallery.com. Explore Juno Calypso’s work at www.junocalypso.com.

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1. Juno Calypso, Untitled (Chicken Dogs), 2013. Courtesy of the artist.