Joan As Policewoman

The Deep Field
Play It Again Sam

Listening to Joan Wasser’s (aka Joan as Policewoman) voice it is hard not to be completely enchanted by her sheer effusion. In a decided step away from the torch songs informed by the death of her boyfriend, Jeff Buckley, The Deep Field is a beautiful and haunting record.

The first single to be taken from the album, The Magic, features a significant nod to electronica which is well complimented by her signature captivating and searching vocal. The eclectic feel of the tracks is refreshing, especially in a musical landscape marked by throwaway releases and one-trick ponies. Bringing together harmonious rhythms, poetic lyrics and what can only be described as an eclectic musical palette, her unique brand of soul stands out against the crowd.

Although musically there are elements of Bat for Lashes (Forever and a Year) or Martha Wainwright and Cat Power (Kiss the Specifics), Wasser has managed to achieve something remarkable – her tracks sound influenced yet original This is nothing short of astounding.

Bethany Rex