Jim Shaw: Archives, Chalet Society, Paris

For their second exhibition, the Chalet Society has focused upon Californian artist, Jim Shaw. From 24 October until 24 January Shaw’s 40-year practice will be under the spotlight. The artist has produced a significant number of incredible paintings, drawings, videos, installations and performances. He is also a compulsive collector, drawing his inspiration from pop culture pieces, comic books, rock music, B movies and amateur paintings. As the title of the showcase suggests, it will be Shaw’s extensive archive of collected memorabilia on display rather than his own artwork.

This presentation gives visitors the chance to explore an overflowing and illuminated world of paintings, sculptures, brochures, t-shirts, books, CDs and educational illustrations that recycle the myths and beliefs of America and beyond. The Chalet Society is a new structure founded by Marc-Olivier Wahler. Its first exhibition, The Museum of Everything (October 2012 – March 2013), attracted over 65,000 people to a pop-up site – a disused school in the heart of Paris – to introduce its new vision, which is to constantly challenge the boundaries of artistic design and unpick the relevance of the art institutions’ models.

Jim Shaw: Archives, 24 October – 24 January, Chalet Society, 14 boulevard Raspail, 75007 Paris.