The Revolutionary Impact of Printing

This September, art historian and curator Stephanie Seungmin Kim has combined the work of 35 contemporary artists, designers and architects to create an exhibition titled, Jikji, The Golden Seed. The exhibition shows the first ever book to be printed using moveable metal type and celebrates the great revolutionary impact it has had on the world of printing. The “Golden Seed” exhibition title refers to the spreading of knowledge, as the invention of this print method enabled the sharing of knowledge for many.

Jikji is interpreted not only as type but is also a recognition of craft and innovation. Showcasing a range of different pieces, from virtual reality films to 600-year old artefacts and ceramics, the exhibition is an observance of history that coherently engages with the idea of invention and progression. It is an abstract demonstration of how new technology has affected the art of communication and the print industry.

Stephanie Seungmin Kim, who is renowned for promoting contemporary artists of Asia, displays the work of artists from all over the world in this captivating compilation of art and history. The exhibition features work by designers and artists from Canada, China, Japan, Italy, Korea, the UK and the USA and some historical pieces from the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz and the Old Printing Museum in Cheongju.

Ron Arad, a designer from Israel, is one of the participating artists to showcase his work in this exhibition. Arad has created a pavilion to commemorate the invention of the bound book. It represents an open book being pushed downwards as it’s pages fan beneath it. This piece will be unveiled at the Cheongju Art Centre as part of the Jikji, The Golden Seed collection.

Exhibition Designer Ab Rogers has designed the space to allow the artworks to be separated into different themed sections, whilst still exhibiting them as a collective. Splitting the exhibit into eight “episodes”, Rogers has created an immersive experience for visitors with a flow that unites all themes with a strong visual language.

Jikji Pavilion by Ron Arad is now a permanent exhibited outside the Cheongju Art Centre in South Korea. Find out more:

1. William Kentridge, Installation. Courtesy of Jijkji.