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A Time Machine

London’s Hayward Gallery presents the largest Hiroshi Sugimoto retrospective to date, highlighting a philosophical, yet playful, perspective on time.

Light Art:
Global Exhibitions this Season

These contemporary exhibitions span the globe, bring technology and art together, and are designed to captivate, challenge and fascinate audiences.

Natural and Artificial Worlds

We live in a world where technology and human creativity are converging more than ever before. Xinyi Shao explores this in her installation, ‘Mutopia.’

Creativity Across Africa

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair presents captivating work from Prince Gyasi, Godelive Kasangati Kabena and Amine El Gotaibi.

Newly Released Titles:
5 Books on Gender and Liberation

“The unseeable parts of the female body are, in art, matter out of place.” We look at this season’s new titles that provide an essential insight into gender.

The Next Generation

NOW Gallery presents six South African photographers who document the varied and vibrant youth culture of their home nation.

Exploring Nature
with Marshmallow Laser Feast

Marshmallow Laser Feast is an experimental art collective, based in London. Their multi-sensory immersive works blend art and technology.

Frieze London: 10 to See

Frieze London returns for its 20th anniversary edition with three fairs: Frieze London, Frieze Masters and Frieze Sculpture. Discover our picks.

Intersections of African Youth

Galerie Gomis’ inaugural show draws parallels between the work of Sanlé Sory and Kyle Weeks, as they represent youth culture across Africa.

Women in Art Fair:
A New Platform

The inaugural edition of Women in Art Fair opens in London. It is dedicated to redressing years of gender imbalance across the arts and creative industries.

Walking in the Dark

Why do people roam? This is one of the questions asked by painter and sculptor Robyn Ward, whose exhibition opens in line with Frieze Art Fair 2023.

Say it in Chorus:
Julianknxx at Barbican

At the Barbican Centre, the Sierra Leonian artist creates a multimedia exhibition on port cities, memory and music as a means of resistance.

Extraterrestrial Reflections

British contemporary artist Olga Lomaka views her work through the prism of pop art. Primary features include a play with recognisable images and products of consumerism – pooling contrasting beliefs which give a second meaning to their symbolism.

World Architecture Day:
10 Buildings to Know

The first Monday of October has marked World Architecture Day annually since 1985. Here are 10 structures to know, one for each year 2013-2023.

Reflecting a Community

MUAC presents a retrospective dedicated to Claudia Andujar and Davi Kopenawa’s fight against rights violations faced by the Yanomami.

10 to See: Black History Month 2023

October marks Black History Month across the UK. We are delighted to present 10 exhibitions that highlight the creativity of Black artists.

Emerging Belgian Photography

Returning for its 11th edition, .tiff 2023 celebrates new artists who help us understand each other and the social structures around us.

Quiet Moment

Laura Stevens crafts quiet, filmic portraits and landscapes that ripple with emotions. There’s a palpable sense of an intimate story unfolding.

Nostalgic Portraiture

Beauty. Fashion. Lifestyle. New York-based artist Micaiah Carter has a singular creative vision. It is rooted in core values of empathy and connection.

Building the Picture

The story of architecture in photography is being written. Vitra Design Museum foregrounds what’s next through the lens of one key image-maker.