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Visions of the Future

NGV Triennial calls for collective activity in the face of climate crisis, with John Gerrard’s ominous digital flags reflecting on the impact of the oil industry.

Evocative Storytelling

Polina Washington has a background in film cinematography. Light and colour are key to her work, where a lone sunbeam tells a story.

Striking Landforms

The Gobi Desert is listed amongst the top 10 largest in the world. Jonas Daley’s landscapes capture its imposing rocky mountain ranges in pastel hues.

Power of Experimentation:
The December / January Issue

It’s that idea of the journey being more important than the destination. This issue is dedicated to artists who demonstrate the power of creative thinking.

The Turner Prize 2023:
Winner Announced

Jesse Darling takes up the award with a sculpture-based exhibition that powerfully explores perceived notions of class, Britishness, labour and power.

10 Questions With… Kristin Bedford

“All I can do is open a door with my photographs.” Kristin Bedford speaks to Aesthetica about her inspirations, and what it feels like to a take picture.

Change and Protest:
The Happy Man Tree

Aesthetica interviews Katy McGahan, documentary director of The Happy Man Tree, discussing the power of activism, community and green spaces.

Resilient by Design

Tokyo-based sustainable fashion brand SHOHEI launches a new capsule collection based around the traditional Japanese dyeing process of Kakishibu.

Being Seen

Visibility is at the centre of Guggenheim’s new show. The concept is crucial within the art world, where it unearths issues of access, privilege and opportunity.

Stepping into the Unknown

Erik Johansson’s new show is filled with surreal scenes that hold up a mirror to life online: focused around echo chambers, vacuums and filter bubbles.

Mirrored Architecture:
5 Buildings to Know

From archives to cultural institutions and a concert hall – Aesthetica’s list rounds up contemporary buildings with dazzling reflective façades.

New Possibilities in Photography

Prateek Arora. Luisa Dörr. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor. We look back at three ground-breaking creatives from this year’s PhotoVogue Festival.

Alternate Realities

Sari Soininen is an internationally recognised Finnish photographer whose neon-coloured photography draws from the hidden depths of the human mind.

Abu Dhabi Art 2023

The 15th edition of the fair returns from the 22-26 November, spotlighting local and international talent across topics of gender, geography and sustainability.

Enchanted by Possibility

Magic has been an answer to inexplicable events for much of human history. MASS MoCA’s latest exhibition explores its place in today’s world.

Art and Climate: 5 Shows to See

We bring together exhibitions that draw inspiration from the effects of the climate crisis, spanning museums in Berlin, Melbourne and San Francisco.

Women Artists in Focus:
5 to See this Season

Aesthetica presents a list of international exhibitions this season that champion powerful works by women artists, shedding light on pressing issues of our times.

Computer Architecture

Christoph Morlinghaus is a German-born photographer interested in the unseen world of CPUs. Close-up images resemble aerial cityscapes.

10 Questions With… Dawoud Bey

In Elegy, the contemporary artist offers a poetic depiction of African American experiences that are rarely represented in collective US history.

Nadine Ijewere:
Intimacy and Strength

In her first solo UK exhibition, the renowned photographer presents ‘Anthesis’, a show that focuses on womanhood, compassion and fluidity.