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The Realities of War

Tim Hetherington’s legacy is marked in an IWM show that asks: “what is the role and responsibility of the photojournalist when documenting conflict?”

Cultivating Equality

We interviewed documentary photographer Sophie Gerrard to learn more about her work spotlighting women-led farming initiatives across Scotland.

Space, Colour, Form

Connor Daly depicts liminal spaces where lurid green, blue and purple shapes emerge from stark black backgrounds, delineated by white borders.

Lydia Bauman: Video Profile

Poland-born artist and art historian Lydia Bauman is based in London. Deeply moved by the fragility of the environment, her mixed media paintings harness the beauty and timelessness of the natural world. The resulting works are displayed worldwide and feature in numerous corporate collections. 

Expressive Portraits

Faces have fascinated us since the dawn of art. This summer, Portrait(s) Festival returns for its annual celebration of face-focused photography.

Among the Waves: Kevin Cooley in Conversation 

Kevin Cooley has spent more than two decades exploring humanity’s relationship with the five classical elements – earth, air, fire, water and aether.

UK Shows to See This Summer

The mid-to-late 20th century was defined by social and political change. This summer, art encourages us to think about society and those who shaped it.

New Frontiers in Filmmaking

The Jarman Award 2024 shortlist has been announced and includes previous Aesthetica Art Prize winners Maryam Tafakory and Larry Achiampong.

10 Questions With… Silvia Rosi

Silvia Rosi is a rising star in the realm of staged self portraiture. She draws on West African studio photography to restage stories of family history.

Organic Viewpoint

‘Imagine Another Perspective’ is a group show featuring outstanding environmental work from Mandy Barker, Caleb Charland and more.

Capturing Tradition

In Shadowlines, relationship-building and sensitivity emerge as cornerstones of Graciela Iturbide’s distinguished documentation of Mexican culture.

A Circular Future

Humans are always making, so it’s crucial to look at architecture and design as a key area of change. Sustainable Design China Summit does just that.

Tangible Memories

Lydia Goldblatt shares her personal series ‘Fugue’ in photo book form, inviting us to witness her honest emotions, daily experiences and core memories.

Transformational Light

Erleuchten Lamps was founded in 2016 by Matthew Johnson, a fine artist based in Oregon, USA. Inspired by forms and textures found in the natural world, he uses specific materials such as hard wood gourds and maple burl to create a variety of highly-detailed lighting art.

Fragments of Nature

Miko Okada visits and revisits, takes and retakes, in order to develop repeated exposures of the same location. The result is a series of dreamlike collages.

Being Observed

The “female-identifying gaze” underpins the work of award-winning British photographer Hannah Starkey and her new show at Maureen Paley Gallery.

Life After Dark

A new photo book explores how our nocturnal habits can be ones of protest and resistance, pleasure and connection, or fraught with danger and fear.

A Summer of Sculpture

Towering monoliths. Surreal forms. Organic materials. Today, we bring you five stellar contemporary sculpture shows around the world.

World of Design

This year’s Design Shanghai – the 11th edition of Asia’s leading design event – is dedicated to international collaboration and idea generation.

Imagining the Future

Vitra Design Museum brings the connection between science fiction and contemporary art to life. Its new space age inspired exhibition spans six decades.