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Objects Transform

A major London show looks at six decades of contemporary sculptures, spotlighting large works that move, shapeshift and transfigure.

Pictures from Above

Tom Hegen flies us over the Palouse region in the American northwest, producing satisfying aerial shots akin to the folds of moss-coloured fabrics.

Parallel Landscapes

Through bold light and shadow, Ibai Acevedo stages compelling, hyperreal and cinematic scenes that seem to belong to an odd world not quite our own.

Flux in Memories

This year’s Foam Talent spotlights fresh voices and innovators at the cutting edge of lens-based media. Cristóbal Ascencio focuses on remembrance.

Visual Histories

African proverbs are at the heart of Ghanaian photographer Derrick Ofosu Boateng’s work, bursting with bright colours and a sense of joy.

Into the Woodland

Photographs by Neil Burnell trace the sensory experience of being outdoors, capturing hidden vegetation, green thickets and secluded clearings.

Moments in Dialogue

Huxley-Parlour hosts an exhibition of renowned photographer Joel Meyerowitz. The gallery pairs together work from the artist’s 50-year oeuvre.

Universe of Emotion

Tania Franco Klein holds a mirror up to the various effects of time spent online, such as disconnection, performative stress and media overstimulation.

Boundless Innovation

As part of its Season of Sculpture, Saatchi Gallery showcases the largest retrospective to date of the renowned artistic duo Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Future Now Symposium:
2024 Programme Announced

The 10th edition of Future Now returns, bringing together award-winning artists for talks that engage with themes from our rapidly changing world.

Sony World Photography:
Student & Youth Awards

Resilience, compassion and nuance. These are just some of the highlighted themes in this years annual awards from young photographers across the world.

The February / March Issue

Throughout history, art has influenced societies, challenged norms and prompted new perspectives. This issue of Aesthetica recognises agents of change.

Multichromatic History

The exhibition Mexichrome unearths the history of colour photography in Mexico through 180 captivating prints from the past eight decades.

American Glitch

Artistic duo Orejarena & Stein’s new exhibition interrogate the boundary between fact and fiction in photographs that probe an American landscape.

Photography Shows: 5 To See

Our list of shows brings together the work of photographers who focus on issues like globalism, equality and industrial processes’ effect on nature.

Artist Interview:
Building a Community

Gail Albert Halaban shares the inspiration for her projects, the cultural differences between cities and the story behind her shot of The Dorilton.

Portrait of Britain

Diversity, empathy and authenticity. These are the key values that unite British Journal of Photography’s latest project and publication.

Aesthetica Art Prize 2024

Our award is one of the UK’s most prestigious prizes. Here, we provide a first-look at the artists who are redefining the parameters of contemporary art.

Identity and Survival

The Lumbee tribe is a Native American population centred in North Carolina. Maria Sturm’s ‘You Don’t Look Native to Me’ celebrates identity and visibility.

London Art Fair: 5 To See

This year, the 36th London Art Fair introduces over 120 galleries from the UK and beyond. Here’s Aesthetica’s highlights from the event.