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Aerial Perception:
In Conversation with Stephen Shore

Colour photography pioneer Stephen Shore talks about working with drones for his latest book on the beauty of everyday American landscapes.

Heatherwick Studio:
Evocative Design

The first exhibition of Heatherwick Studio in Japan highlights its signature approach: marrying futuristic aesthetics with natural forms in urban centres.

Intersections of Art and Design

For over 20 years, Deirdre Dyson has crossed the boundaries of what might be considered “art” and “design.” Now, she takes it a step further.

Documentation and Resistance

South African photographer Ernest Cole used the camera as a means of defiance and documentation, revealing the daily horrors of the Apartheid era.

New Art Books for Your Coffee Table 

Moments of everyday beauty feature in these recommended reads, showcasing the best of art and image-making from the 20th century to today.

Home Reimagined

Johny Pitts considers the concept of home – travelling across the UK coastline to document Black British culture, geographies and people.

Championing Equality:
International Women’s Day 2023

We select 5 exhibitions to attend this International Women’s Day, from self-portraits to photomontages that challenge representations of gender.

5 Years of Pritzker Prize Laureates

This year’s winner has been announced. Here are the laureates spanning 2019-2023, offering personal insights on what architecture means to them.

Visions of the Future

Aziz + Cucher’s body of work is a cautionary tale for the modern world, blurring reality with the digital realm to investigate what will become of the body.

The Next Generation

Bloomberg New Contemporaries is a group exhibition celebrating talent emerging from Britain’s art schools, uncovering a diverse mix of styles.

Powerful Exhibitions:
Deutsche Börse 2023

What makes a show stand out? The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation spotlights those who made “significant contributions” to the medium in 2022.

#Aesthetica20: Pictures We Love

The landscape of photography has changed so much since 2003. This article will introduce you to our favourite images from across the past two decades.

5 Images: Sony World
Photography Awards 2023

VR headsets. Iconic buildings. Lush greenery. Bold portraiture. These five finalists shine for their technical skill and original approach to storytelling.

A Sense of Connection

Jess T. Dugan’s tender images explore themes of gender and sexuality, as well as love, desire, loss and the dichotomy of looking and being looked at.

Expressions of Self

It’s been ten years since “selfie” was named word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries. Chrissy Lush is interested in the power of self portraiture.

Complex Reality

Anastasia Samoylova holds up a mirror to the reality of life in Florida, presenting a multi-dimensional view of people and places threatened by climate crisis.

Looking into Nature

Land art emerged in the 1960s as a result of a growing interest in nature preservation. Desert X responds to the legacy of this seminal movement.

The Aesthetica Art Prize 2023:
Shortlist Announced

This year’s shortlist – comprising 21 talented international artists – is a testament to shared creativity in a time of rapid change.

Beyond the Beaten Path

Julia Nimke’s evocative photographs ooze “wanderlust” – a word which describes the feeling of longing to travel, adventure and discover.

Visual Immersion

A hypnotic installation at Lightroom, London, journeys through six decades of David Hockney’s renowned painting, photography and digital drawing.