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Moments of Uneasiness

Brooke DiDonato’s work sits within a contemporary reading of The Uncanny in photography, making unsettling and alluring images.

Updating the Records

MoMA dismantles the narrative of photographic history, focusing on an understudied chapter from the heart of São Paulo in the mid-20th century.

Concealed Topographies

Auckland sits on an active volcanic field; ancient networks have been formed by lava. Chirag Jindal’s images examine these hidden landscapes.

Picturing America

Mark Power has been documenting the US since 2012. His ongoing series of books explores the nation’s shifting cultural and physical landscape.

Under Moonlight

The moon has been a consistent source of wonder for humanity. Alexis Pichot’s spectral images revel in a sense of stillness, with milk-white rockfaces.

Evocative Storytelling

“Even if I had the means, I would still shoot on iPhone.” Malick Kebe is one of Abidjan’s rising talents, with a strong understanding of colour.

Images with Intent

Evan Sheehan’s work is at once spontaneous and choreographed – calling upon eye-popping primary colours and dynamic environments.

Visual Harmony

Barcelona-based Salva López loves architecture. His images provide a personal take on recognisable buildings, published by gestalten.

Building Communities

Beazley Designs of the Year’s groundbreaking projects show how architects are approaches the world’s major social and environmental issues.

Laying the Foundations

Gulnara Samoilova is determined to spotlight women photographers, from IG to the gallery, and now, with a groundbreaking publication.

Playful Variations

Parisian photographer Laura Bonnefous makes experiments – where colour can be a source of abstraction, inspiration and calm simultaneously.

Seeing and Believing

Through atmospheric landscapes and still lifes, Belgian photographer Philippe Braquenier explores “Flat Earth” conspiracies in a digital world.

Resilient Architecture

In collaboration with Aesthetica, the 2021 edition of the A+Awards opens for entries, celebrating innovative architecture across the globe.

Discover the Aesthetica Art Prize Jury 2021

This year’s judging panel comprises influential art figures from Magnum Photos, Serpentine Galleries, Leica, Apollo Magazine and many more.

5 New Art Videos to Watch

Aesthetica rounds up the latest interviews and films from across the art world – from exclusive studio visits to must-see online Q&As.

Building a Better Future

The shortlist for the Sony World Photography Awards Student competition has been announced, judged by Aesthetica’s Associate Editor.

Cosmic Installation

“A lie can also be art.” Iván Navarro uses lighting and illusion to explore power and control. A new series draws on vivid colour to navigate the stars.

1-54: Photography to See

1-54 is a destination to discover contemporary art from Africa and the African diaspora. Discover bold, colourful images and striking studio portraits.

Dreamlike Iconography

“My motivation is rooted in the westernisation of my home country in the 1990s.” Photographer Dino Kužnik captures pastel-toned American landscapes.

Aesthetica Art Prize:
Connecting to Nature

It’s more important than ever to consider our relationship with the environment. Art is one way to do so. 5 artists turn their attention to the climate.