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Contemporary Printmaking

The history of printmaking began in Han Dynasty China. But what does it look like in 2021? A new fair in London showcases the latest approaches.

Interpreting the Past

The 2021 Jameel Prize shortlist comes from around the world – employing different approaches, from fashion to activism, typography and installation.

Climate Action

The 2021 United Nations climate change conference is underway. It’s a pivotal moment. Here are five artists making human impact visible.

Picturing Alienation

Tianyuan Hu is a student at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her practice explores alienation, traversing spaces between “the lucid and the lunatic.” The Amorph series expresses these themes as drawn from observations during lockdown.

Domestic Spaces

What is the meaning of ‘home’? 10 artists respond to this theme, including Rachel Whiteread, Clio Barnard, Mike Kelley and Richard Billingham.

Structures in Decline

Since 2005, photographic duo Marchand/Meffre have been travelling across the US, documenting the country’s decaying cinema complexes.

A Curious Spirit

Art and science are often viewed in opposition. But Kendra Troschel believes in their similarities: working as a microbiologist-turned-painter.

Biomechanical Life

Anicka Yi has long explored the thresholds of human, animal and robotic intelligence. Now, she has filled Tate Modern’s iconic Turbine Hall.

Looking Up

When we walk through city centres, how often do we look up? Katharina Klopfer is interested in the graphic details of urban environments.

A Cultural Shift

Diffusion is Wales’ international photography festival. This year’s theme is Turning Point, highlighting the power of creativity in times of crisis.

Memories in Paper

Thomas Demand painstakingly re-stages highly political locations in paper and cardboard. He photographs and then destroys them.

Seeing and Believing

Gillian Wearing has explored the relationship between self-presentation and illusion for 30 years. Guggenheim opens a new retrospective.

Existential Questions

Ladders leading to nowhere. Figures scrambling walls. Folded bodies and dancing silhouettes. This is the surreal world of Dimitris Papaioannou.

Imagined Cityscapes

LA-based photographer George Byrne is known for his abstracted, pasted-drenched Californian landscapes. His new series takes a fresh approach.

In The Street

Helen Levitt was a pioneer of spontaneous documentary photography, bringing the streets of New York to life across an 80 year career.

10 to See: Black History Month 2021

The Black History Month 2021 theme is Proud to Be. Here are 10 key arts exhibitions, online resources and events to explore this month and beyond.

Trailblazing Designers

Here We Are! Women in Design 1900 – Today presents a galaxy of objects, embodying the achievements of women across 120 years.

Visibility and Expression

Female in Focus celebrates the diverse visual perspectives of women and non-binary photographers. It announces the 2021 winners.

5 to See: Frieze Week 2021

Frieze returns to London with three concurrent fairs, offering new perspectives on conflict, desire, pollution and how to reshape the canon.

Forms of Reconciliation

A distinctive project is taking place in Rwanda. Photographer Paul Seawright captures a unique collaboration between humans and other animals.