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Colour Photography

Decades before Instagram filters were a twinkle in the idea of a smartphone, Joel Meyerowitz developed a mesmerising, otherworldly palette.

Colour, Light and the Street

There’s a palpable sense of movement in Francesco Gioia’s visual world, as inhabitants pound pavements or hail taxis, bathed in contrasting light and shadow.

Glow in the Dark: Nocturnal Scenes

Lightbulbs have completely transformed how we live, work and play. Here are five Aesthetica Art Prize finalists who play with light in the darkness.

What’s On: Photography in 2022

Our six-monthly view spans the globe, from the Wolfgang Tillmans retrospective in New York to a climate-conscious exhibition in Vienna.

Hyera Lee: Video Profile

Hyera Lee is an artist and enlightened spiritual guru based in South Korea. For the past 16 years she has helped to heal the pain of many of her students and has been leading them towards enlightenment. She uses painting to assist the students who struggle to accept their egos without judgement.

Artificial Ecosystems

Contemporary artist Anicka Yi collaborates frequently with scientists of different disciplines: microbiology, information technology and perfume.

Light, Shadow, Sculpture

Illusions, reflections and tricks of the light are entrancing. From mirrored sculptures to neon, these Aesthetica Art Prize finalists do exactly that.

Art, Life, Imitation

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” European Cultural Centre’s exhibition in Venice examines the world through this lens.

Layers of Rhetoric

Herd immunity. Minimise the spread. Stockpile. Staycation. Quarantine. Bindi Vora’s photomontages explore the language of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visualising Data

Five Aesthetica Art Prize finalists have found inventive ways of turning information into something more: installations, photographs and sculptures.

Transformative Sculptures

Pioneering sculptor Ruth Asawa believed in the power of art to change lives. Modern Art Oxford explores her dedication to education and advocacy.

Engaging with the Elements

Fujiko Nakaya is best known for making sculptures out of water.  For six decades, she has challenged definitions of art – formulating ethereal clouds.

Meaningful Architecture

Architizer’s annual A+Awards show how democratic design can have a positive impact on everyday life, highlighting the world’s most innovative buildings.

30 Years in the Art World

In 1990, the art world was entering a new era. As Pashmin Art Consortia celebrates its 32nd anniversary, we look back at this period of change.

Behind the Algorithm

Mónica Alcázar-Duarte – an Aesthetica Art Prize finalist – makes searing work about the embedded relationship between real-world and digital bias.

Ilina Mustafina: Video Profile

Ilina Mustafina is a New York-based artist, photographer, and architectural and fashion designer whose works have an organic, authentic and spontaneous focus. Her pieces are softly compelling, offering an innate understanding of light, colour, shadow and structure.

Pushing the Gaze

Lennart Brede’s portraits aim “to get a rare glimpse of what lies beneath the surface” – to reveal the raw and real behind our everyday existence.

5 to See: Les Rencontres d’Arles

France’s annual summer photography festival returns with a searing programme featuring more than 160 artists. Here are exhibitions to look out for.

Playful Encounters

South Korean artist and designer JeeYoung Lee fills a gallery with 400 hand-crafted Ginkgo leaves – and suspends a paper boat from the ceiling.

Connected to Light

Power! Light! at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg highlights bold artworks in which light is used to make sense of political, social and ecological situations.