Into Focus: The June/July Issue

Into Focus: The June/July Issue

Ideas and inspiration are the lifeblood of creativity. The dynamic process of ideation is essential not only for artistic and intellectual pursuits but also for innovation, pushing us to expand the limits of human understanding. Artists in this issue are exploring new possibilities, such as Patricia Pettitt and Senay Berhe.

Dynamic Colour Play | A contemporary abstract photographer plays with the fact that different people will perceive light and colour combinations in various ways.

Fictional Immersion | Ideas of beauty, desire, femininity, intimacy and melancholy are central to the creation of Patricia Pettitt’s cinematic environments.

Led by Narrative | Jonas Hafner excels in crafting a truly palpable sense of mood, with every one of his portraits evoking a different ambience, emotion or story.

Echoed Memories | Do Ho Suh faithfully recreates past homes using translucent fabrics, taking over entire rooms with works that ripple with nostalgia.

Beyond Ordinary | Senay Berhe finds beauty in the mundane, with works that emerge from an every day scenario – travelling to, or from, his home.

Truths Unearthed | Mackenzie Calle’s groundbreaking project combines documentary with storytelling to scrutinise LGBTQ+ representation at NASA.

Intake of Breath | A major new exhibition is dedicated to the act of breathing, revealing its political, environmental and spiritual significance via multimedia artwork.

Traces of the Forest | Temperate woodland covered as much as a fifth of the UK 10,000 years ago. Now, Joanna Vestey shares long exposure pictures of their remnants.

Fraction of a Second | In Neal Grundy’s Fabric Forms series, every small movement matters. Each shot captures a singular moment in time that can never again be created.

Worlds Connected | Copenhagen Photo Festival 2024 unites lens- based artists around a theme of entanglement, visualising how different forms of life interact.

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Image Credits:

  1. Image courtesy Jonas Hafner.
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  3. Sebastiaan Knot, N24316 (2018). From Colliding Colours.
  4. Patricia Pettitt, Melancholy. Image courtesy the artist.
  5. Image courtesy Jonas Hafner.
  6. Image courtesy Jonas Hafner.
  7. Do Ho Suh, Home within Home within Home within Home within Home, (2013). Hanjin Shipping Box Project, MMCA Seoul,13 November 2013 – 11 May 2014. © Do Ho Suh. Courtesy of the artist, Lehmann Maupin and MMCA Seoul.Photography by Jeon Taeg Su.
  8. Image courtesy Senay Berhe.
  9. Image courtesy Senay Berhe.
  10. The Gay Space Agency, © Mackenzie Calle. Project funded with support from the Magnum Foundation Counter Histories Grant.
  11. © Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński, In Search of Red, Black, and Green, (2021). 3-C prints on paper, each 80 x 119.3 cm.
  12. © Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński, In Search of Red, Black, and Green, (2021). 3-C prints on paper, each 80 x 119.3 cm.
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  15. Neal Grundy, from Dancing Fabrics (2021).
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