Interview with Marie-Jeanne Hoffner: A Particular Portion of Space, PayneShurvell, London

For the first time, Paris-based artist Marie-Jeanne Hoffner presents a solo show in the UK at PayneShurvell. A Particular Portion of Space will use photography, drawings, installations, videos and models to explore the contrary notions of fullness, emptiness, construction and deconstruction. Running until 9 February, Aesthetica speaks to Hoffner about her use of space and different artistic forms.

A: Please can you explain the basic idea behind your exhibition: A Particular Portion of Space
MJH: My work tends to reflect upon the space where it is shown… A particular portion of space is about the gallery space and how the perception of the gallery is altered through the installation of colour and wooden structures, with the partitions it creates in the space and the way it interacts with the viewer. The notion of folds and unfolding refers to gesture and process of drawing -which is at the core of the work- as the folds creates a random drawing and the wooden structure itself is like the outline of a space, like a technical drawing in 3D.

A: This show focuses on the gallery space itself, is the relationship between viewer and art something you are interested in?
MJH: The installation in the gallery is site specific. I created it especially for this particular space. Over the years I have tried as much as possible to create projects that interact with the space as well as with the viewers. In using simple materials, going from large drawings to constructions, it is always dealing with the perception of space and it involves the body.

A: You use a variety of mediums, why is this?
MJH: For this exhibition I present an installation, drawings, photos and videos. I work with a variety of mediums because I like to work around an idea …using different materials allows me to deepen the way I can approach the subjects. It also opens many apertures to access the works.

A: What sort of work are you planning for the future?
MJH: I will have a new studio back in Paris and I hope to make bigger works, models, collages…and most of all I prepare a solo show for the FRAC Alsace in April 2013, so I have to focus on it now !! -A FRAC is a regional institution which is both a public art collection and a gallery space, in France we have 20 of them … my project there will consist of a large site specific installation probably in the same direction as the one in PayneShurvell gallery.

Marie Jeanne-Hoffner: A Particular Portion of Space, until 9 February, PayneShurvell, 16 Hewett Street, London, UK EC2A 3NN.

1. Marie-Jeanne Hoffner, A Particular Portion of Space, Installation shot, courtesy PayneShurvell, 2012.
2. Marie-Jeanne Hoffner: Carbones, (Bleu), courtesy PayneShurvell, 2012.