Interview with Artist Rob Ryan

SohoCreate arrives in London this June for the first time. Tickets are now on sale for the event, which brings together the country’s top creative minds, ensuring various creative disciplines and talents are celebrated and championed in today’s competitive, revenue driven economy. Each of the speakers will explore their inspiration and motivations in unique and engaging sessions taking place in iconic venues in London’s Soho, including The Soho Theatre and Ronnie Scotts. Those participating this year include, Ben Johnson, Jason Perry, Nadev Kander, Rob Ryan and many more. We speak to Ryan about his participation in the event and his upcoming works.

A: SohoCreate is a different kind of festival, a range of artists How does it feel to be involved in an festival with such a wide range of talent?
It feels incredible, because , if I am honest, I consider myself pretty much an idiot!

A: You’ve said before that some of your work is autobiographical – what do you feel your latest pieces say?
I am not sure. I’ve got quite a large capacity for always seeing the dark side of stuff, even though at heart I’d say I was an optimist. I think that I’m sick of moaning and want to say and make work that is more joyful purely for the sake of it – or is that just because spring is in the air and the sun is finally back and shining brightly unimpeded by clouds?

A: Your work is very diverse, ranging from print making to ceramics, what can we expect to see from you in the future?
Fabrics! I’m in the process of moving my screen print studio right next door to my drawing studio and I want to print pictures but onto fabric, and more ceramic and tile pieces – and I will exhibit these works at a new show at Yorkshire Sculpture Park next spring called Paper, Scissor, Stone. Also, I am just finishing the second part of a trilogy The Elusive Kingdom which comes out in October.

A: If you could collaborate with another artist working in any medium, who would it be?
If the words from any of my pictures were put to music and sung by Smokey Robinson then all I can say is, I would smile all day long for an entire year!

SohoCreate, 4-6 June, Soho, London.

1. Image courtesy of Rob Ryan.