Inkygoodness 3, Wonderland Exhibition showcases the work of new and emerging talent from the UK and beyond.

Inkygoodness is a Bristol-Birmingham based duo that organise exhibitions providing a unique platform for emerging talent to showcase their work alongside established artists.

Inviting you on a journey into Wonderland this September, into a bright bubblegum world of quirky characters, eclectic landscapes and curious narratives, they will showcase the creations of 30 international illustrators, artists and image-makers, this new group show will display a diverse selection of artworks including wall murals, drawings, installations and framed prints by some of the hottest emerging talents working in the industry today.

Aesthetica will be partnering again with Illustrative Berlin. Click here to read an article about “Defining the Art of Illustration”. Illustration has, indeed, become an art form in its own right.

Inspired by the theme of Wonderland, artists’ work will bring a visual retreat of fun, and frivolity to Birmingham’s creative quarter. The Vaad Gallery at the Custard Factory will play host to the Wonderland creation providing a platform for new and emerging talent to exhibit together with established artists and illustrators.

In 2008, Inkygoodness hosted their first art exhibition at a small gallery on Gloucester Road in Bristol. This venture inspired a successful group show later the same year: Inkygoodness 2 – Hopes & Fears, showcasing the work of 16 illustrators, artists and designers based in and around the South West.

Inkygoodness are steadily gaining recognition and plan to continue organising exhibitions and events throughout the U.K, to fulfil their ambition to offer a unique opportunity for professional development through self-promotion, collaboration and networking. Their collaborators include illustrators and designers such as Andy Council, Dave Bain, Vicky Newman (House of Aces), Mike O’Shea, Themlot Collective, Monsters monsters and DocVek.

Inkygoodness can confirm involvement from the following artists in the Wonderland show:

Tixe Art (UK) Dave Bain (Bristol) Louise Boutler (UK) Gemma Correll (UK) Simon Corry (Falmouth) Pascal Cuttoli (France) Camelia Dorbin (Falmouth) Chris Dorning (Preston) Jennifer Dubet (London) Adi Gilbert (Bristol) Adam Hancher (UK) Lisa Hassell (Bristol) Kate Hindley (Birmingham) I heart Joan (Birmingham) Yee Ting Kuit (Birmingham) Simon David Mills (Bristol) Felt Mistress & Jonathan Edwards (UK) George Mitchell (UK) Vicky Newman (UK) Sarah Ray (Birmingham) Karoline Rerrie (UK) Juan Salas (Argentina) Mike O’ Shea (Bristol) David Shillinglaw (London) Steven Silverwood (UK) Diggy Smerdon (Falmouth) Amy Timms (Bristol) Michelle Turton (Birmingham) Simon Wild (Suffolk) Mark Wilkinson (UK) DocVek (London)

It’s very exciting to see so many artists collaborating together. Click here to read another blog on artists run spaces and projects.

Exhibition details
Inkygoodness 3: Wonderland
September 12th – September 27th 2009
Launch: Friday 11th September, 6.30pm – 9.30pm,
Vaad Gallery, Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AA