The Floating World
Mystery Plays Records

Inch-time is New Zealand born, Londonbased Stefan Panczak’s first recording for his own Mystery Plays Records. With influences from Brian Eno and Animal Collective, Inch-time’s music is expansive.

The album is inspired by the Japanese art movement, Ukiyo-e, which focuses on the “floating world” in contrast to the everyday. Transient beauty and the celebration of momentary pleasures underline the movement and Inch-time’s atmospheric and ephemeral tracks reflect this understanding. Devoid of vocals, the album is a shimmering and subtle blend of electronics, crackling percussion and slowly cycling melodies.

A slow album that is gentle and brooding, The Floating World is a well-arranged piece of ambient work. At times dreary and overly repetitive, the work can drag, and whilst there are flourishes and texture, they have the potential to slip too far beneath the central rhythm. Synth-laden and subtle, this album will be of interest to anyone who enjoys slowly swelling electronics and layered instrumentals. For others, it will only be background music.

Bryony Byrne