Implied Presence

Implied Presence

Fires is the new series from Aesthetica Art Prize alumna Ellie Davies. Set against the backdrop of Britain’s woodlands and forests, the collection weaves symbolic narratives between the human and natural world – using fire as a visual and conceptual motif.

As the photographer notes, this metaphor: “brings together the opposing themes of life and death, creation and destruction, love and loss, nature versus culture, and numerous other mythologies and meanings.”

Casting the eerie landscapes in a warm glow, each small blaze holds back the darkness, offering a sense of safety and comfort whilst pointing to concealed stories.

Despite an apparent solitude, the man-made fires imply a human presence, inviting the viewer to enter and become part of the scene.

Tapping into deeper, global narratives, the body of work sheds light on these wild places – demonstrating fragility of our relationship with the environment.

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1. Ellie Davies, Fire 10, 2018.
2. Ellie Davies, Fire 1, 2018
3. Ellie Davies, Fire 7, 2018.
4. Ellie Davies, Fire 6, 2018.
5. Ellie Davies, Fire 2, 2018.