Imaginary Table Settings

Imaginary Table Settings

Confetti soup. Soap soup. Cloud soup. Rain soup. Miguel Vallinas Prieto’s Suppen series visualises what happens when we let the imagination run wild. Each image takes the same starting point: a tablecloth, glass, plate and spoon, positioned against a stark black backdrop. What unfolds is the stuff of daydreams.

This world is one of endless creativity, where balloons rise, plates shatter and bubbles rise from the dinner table. In one shot, a small tree grows from a pile of earth. In another, a boiled egg levitates in mid-air. Foam spills out as if from a bathtub, whilst rocks drip yellow liquid into pristine white bowls.

Vallinas Prieto is an art, advertising and industrial photographer based in Valladolid, Spain. He is interested in deconstructing the everyday through surrealism. Driven by nostalgia and a love of storytelling, the artist transforms simple bowls of soup – as well as studio portraits – into something magical.


Image Credits: Miguel Vallinas Prieto, Suppen (Soups).