Illustration Now! Fashion

Julius Wiedemann

It is often assumed that the artistic genre that fashion relies on most heavily is photography. To some degree, this is true. For example, the new trends are communicated to the world via imagery and it is easy to forget that every new-season dress, coat and shoe begins as an illustration. In Illustration Now! Fashion Julius Wiedemann draws attention to the clothes industry’s reliance on this important skill.

The author picked 90 of the most influential artists working in the field, including Ruben Toledo, Aurore de La Morinerie, Bil Donovan, Tanya Ling and Jean-Philippe Delhomme. In addition, the volume features quotes from key members of the industry: designers working for Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and H&M all praise the talents of the illustrators.

Providing an overview of the techniques used, the volume begins with the 17th century and maps out a timeline of the various artists’ work through to the present. With hundreds of detailed drawings, this stunning book reflects the high level of skill involved in an often overlooked craft.

Hannah Clugston