I Still Dream About You

Fannie Flagg
Chatto & Windus

I Still Dream About You comes from the author of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe, and draws some similarities from Flagg’s acclaimed 1987 novel. Set in Birmingham, Alabama, the novel draws on the history of the state, and reveals what it is like to overcome the shadows of a country’s past whilst also showing adoration for the place you consider “home.” Flagg lives in Alabama, sometimes giving the protagonist, Maggie, her voice to speak about these concerns.

Maggie is a former Miss Alabama beauty queen who, despite leading a charming suburban life, has never married and is decidedly unhappy with how things have turned out. Her thoughts turn to rectifying this by planning her suicide. Far from being a depressing novel, it’s actually at times too sugary and nice, but the events that follow Maggie’s perfect plan show the importance of home, and that everyone harbours a secret behind their faultless façades. The short chapters are vignettes and stories in their own right, discussing ageing, acceptance and ultimately reaching a feel-good conclusion.

Sophie Gordon