Human Stories:
The April/May Issue

Human Stories:<br>The April/May Issue

This issue is all about human stories, and how we must never give up in the face of adversity. Our collective narrative is one of resilience. Jump in to our preview of Aesthetica‘s latest print magazine:

Somewhat Otherworldly | Jan Prengel’s Plants from Space series showcases flowers as if they were priceless exhibits: curious oddities or relics from an alternate universe.

Beyond Aesthetics | Ulaş Kesebir and Merve Türkan work as a duo to redefine the parameters of fashion imagery, with bold colour schemes and alluring environments.

The Age of Immersion | The Light and Space movement emerged in the mid-20th century during technological optimism. How has it evolved with the rise of the digital age?

Satirising the Everyday | Olivia Locher highlights humanity’s unrealistic expectations, depicting daily regimes to comedic effect, where candles literally burn at both ends.

Personal and Political | Over 12 years, Gillian Laub produced a major documentary project in Montgomery County, Georgia, a series sparked by one written letter.

Journey into Night | Jasper Goodall creates an ode to the evening in Twilight’s Path. Quietude is embraced, as themes of solitude and isolation come to the foreground.

Creative Regeneration | Barbican revolutionises the climate conversation, showcasing art as a speculative tool which can help us to bring about truly sustainable futures.

Mirrored Geography | Murray Fredericks captures ethereal horizons on Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, a 9,500km2 endorheic salt lake 700km north of Adelaide, Australia.

Rise of the Megacity | Michel Lamoller’s photographic reliefs highlight the alarming rate at which humanity is expanding, depicting high-rises as markers of infrastructure.

Moments of Serendipity | Andrea Lohmann’s compositions are inspired by the built environment: structures from the post- war period complemented by passing clouds.

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Image Credits:
1. Ulas & Merve, Untitled, Izmir/Turkey (2019). Courtesy of the artists.
2. Jan Prengel, Plants from Space 2 (2020). Courtesy of the artist and Tappan, Los Angeles.
3. Jan Prengel, Plants from Space 8 (2020). Courtesy of the artist and Tappan, Los Angeles.
4. Ulas & Merve, Untitled, Izmir/Turkey (2016). Courtesy of the artists.
5. Installation view, Larry Bell. From the ’60s, Hauser & Wirth, New York, 2016. © Larry Bell. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Genevieve Hanson.
6. Olivia Locher, How To Get Elevated (2019). Courtesy of the artist. Olivia Locher, How To Celebrate the Equinox (2019). Courtesy of the artist.
7. Olivia Locher, How To Slam Dunk (2018). Courtesy of the artist.
8. Gillian Laub, Julie and Bubba, Mount Vernon, Georgia (2002, detail). From the series Southern Rites. Courtesy of the artist.
9. Jasper Goodall, Twilight’s Path 20: Birchwood (2020). Courtesy of the artist.
10. Noise Aquarium, Laznia Gallery, Gdansk, Poland 2020 Credit: Victoria Vesna / Adam Bogdan.
11. Previous work by Marshmallow Laser Feast; Observations On Being, Coventry City of Culture 2021. Installation image of We Live in an Ocean of Air Video Edition. Photo by David Levene.
12. Murray Fredericks, Mirror 11 (2017). Digital pigment print on cotton rag, edition of 7, A/P, 120 x 155cm.
13. Michel Lamoller, Anthropogenic Mass 2 (2021). 7 layers of Archival Inkjet Print: 60cm x 40 cm x 10 cm. Courtesy of the artist.
14. Michel Lamoller, Anthropogenic Mass 1 (2021). 9 layers of Archival Pigment Prints: 65cm x 100cm x 15cm. Courtesy of the artist.
15. Andrea Lohmann, Berlin, Germany (2020). Courtesy of the artist.
16. Andrea Lohmann, Kyiv, Ukraine (2019). Courtesy of the artist.