Hull UK City of Culture 2017

Hull UK City of Culture 2017 recently launched, kick-starting a 365 day programme of cultural events and creativity inspired by the location. The celebration draws on the distinctive spirit of the town, including artists, writers, directors, musicians and revolutionary thinkers that have significantly contributed to its rich cultural tapestry of ideas. Divided into four seasons, this national fair commemorates the region’s innovative vision. The festival showcases local talent from the North.

From January to March, Made in Hull commences the extensive year-long schedule, curated by the city’s own award-winning documentary filmmaker Sean McAllister. Initiated by a spectacular opening ceremony that lasted a week, this section features large-scale projections and illuminations in and amongst the historic skyline. Moving image and performance pieces narrate the last 70 years – from the turbulence of WWII to the modern day – exploring Hull’s heritage. Each season has a central theme that reflects the town and its place in the world; including Roots & Routes ,and Freedom within the summer months of July to September. Concluding Tell the World, from October to December brings the event to its apotheosis.

Martin Green, CEO and Director, said: “Hull has always had a unique cultural voice and in 2017 it will roar. The spirit, the stories and the talent of this city have inspired this national year of celebration. From its artists to its residents through to the city’s incredible heritage, Hull will share with the rest of the world what people from here have known all along – this city has contributed significantly to ideas that have changed and enriched the world.”

A host of other events throughout the year shed light on the rich culture. The Open Exhibition, returns for a 15th time, showcases the most innovative local talent until 12 March. Furthermore, the Ferens Art Gallery reopens, with a display iconic compositions from the gallery’s permanent collection featuring work by Frans Hals, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Mark Wallinger. In association with Tate, the 2017 Turner Prize comes to the gallery, only the fifth location outside London to host Europe’s most prestigious prize.

Hull UK City of Culture 2017. For more information and the programme, visit:

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1. Made in Hull projections on City Hall (2017). Images courtesy of LEE BEEL/ALAMY.