Hello, My Name is Paul Smith at the Design Museum London

Newly extended due to popular demand is the exhibition at London’s Design Museum, Hello, My Name is Paul Smith, that will run until 22 June. Looking at the work of this British Designer, the exhibition highlights at the impressive selection of work from this iconic men’s wear designer.

From small beginnings in his home city of Nottingham and in a three metre by three metre shop, Smith has grown a fashion design empire that includes today 14 different collections. Offering Smiths take on perspective on the importance of balance, lateral thinking and curiosity, this collection pulls from his 30 year career in the fashion industry.

Using the inspiration of those he has collaborated with and collecting Smiths own work, the collection reflects on the changing face of fashion and fashion and design that’s occurred during the designers career, and proposes the designer’s response to the question ‘What Next?’.

Recreated throughout the exhibition are spaces important to the designer, from is first Nottingham shop, to his office and his famous Paris showroom. The walls are lined with framed artwork and the designer spoke about the work and marked twenty five years of the Design Museum in February of this year. The Design Museum is the world’s leading museum devoted to architecture and industrial design. On show in the space are leading examples of all elements of design including product design, graphic design, and fashion.

Hello, My Name is Paul Smith, at The Design Museum, Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD


1. Paul Smith, Design Museum. Images courtesy of Antony Crolla