Harnessing Light

Harnessing Light

Throughout history, a fascination with light has defined the human experience. Giving life to the planet whilst telling us when to work, eat and sleep, its energy is intrinsic to our existence. Exploring this phenomenon through the lens of artistic practice is Lust For Light, a new publication by Gingko Press.

The book is a compendium of practitioners who are harnessing the medium to create intriguing and immersive works. Drawing on renowned pieces including Yayoi Kusama’s ever-popular Infinity Mirror Rooms and teamLab’s experiential environments, the visually arresting book surveys a variety of approaches to personal, political and conceptual themes.

Included are those working with neon and LED; photographic and projection; site-specific and experiential; sculptural and installation. From text-based works by Robert Montgomery to the environmentally responsive contributions of Phillip K Smith III, Lust for Light highlights a diversity of pieces – and an uncontainable desire to capture the medium and further understand the world.

Featured in the publication is Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Liz West, who works with artificial and natural light to create vivid, colour-drenched environments. Inviting a heightened sensory awareness, her site-specific works engage with physical and architectural spaces – playfully refracting hues to offer intense compositions.

Reflecting on her practice she explains: “You cannot see colour without light. For me, the two mediums are intrinsically connected. I want to highlight these natural phenomena, so people become more aware of their surroundings.”

Read more about Lust for Light in Aesthetica Issue 86.

The publication is now available. Find out more here.

1. Images by Liz West.