Gerhard Richter: Atlas

Helmut Friedel
Thames & Hudson

Gerhard Richter has recently celebrated his 80th birthday, and with a major show at Tate Modern, the artist is everywhere. Thames & Hudson’s revised collection, Atlas (from the rare and out of print 1997 version) is a survey of photographs, collages and sketches from 1962 to 2006.

This book provides insight into Richter’s method and process; giving readers a unique glimpse into the artist’s working practice. Atlas was largely compiled by Richter, making it an artefact in its own right by offering an ongoing dialogue between the artist and his work.

Through a chronological timeline, this book explores the development of Richter’s work, and the quintessential role that photography and the collection of found images played in his oeuvre. The only downside to this title is that some of the works appear small, however at 862 pages, it would be impossible to produce this many images in large-format. Atlas is an excellent addition to your existing Richter collection.

Shirley Stevenson