Future Greats: Free Events

Future Greats: Free Events

New media has changed the way we communicate. The rise of digital platforms has transformed social, political and artistic landscapes, offering new arenas for the exchange of ideas. This is picked up on by the Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition at York Art Gallery, which explores the wider effects of over-consumption, media stimulation and emotional disconnection through innovative works.

To complement and contextualise the show, a series of lunchtime talks expands on the exhibition’s key themes. Providing industry insight whilst looking to the wider influence of creative practices, the sessions pick up on the global nature of the arts today.

For example, in Creating Successful Strategies (21 June, 12.30pm), Cherie Federico, Director of the Aesthetica Art Prize, discusses how prizes and awards lead to further opportunities, looking at ways to break into the sector. Expanding on the selection process, the session offers helpful advice whilst highlighting how these initiatives work within the wider industry as a platform for new ideas.

Offering further insight, Curating the Aesthetica Art Prize (6 September, 12.30pm) discusses the relationship between artworks and the gallery space, exploring how exhibited pieces respond to each other. Griselda Goldsbrough speaks about curating diverse collections, revealing how to ensure that they excite and engage audiences on many levels. Drawing connections across the works, this session delves into narrative and subject matter.

To follow on from this, Art of Transformation (13 September, 12.30pm) responds to this year’s selection, expanding on its key themes to offer a poignant reflection on how art can change lives. Presented by Helen Turner, Subject Director, Fine Art, York St John University the session draws on the personal and universal nature of creative practice, exploring its transformative potential.

Placing a focus on photography, A Part of the Everyday (5 July, 12.30pm) explores how – in a world where 1.8 billion images uploaded per day – the medium is changing. Asking questions about the future of image-making, Kyveli Lignou-Tsamantani from the University of York demonstrates how the images has become a signifier of our times.

The Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition runs until 30 September. Find out more here.  

1. Yael Portabales, The Lady of the Strainer, 2015.
2.  Jiayu Liu, Ocean Wave. Courtesy of the artist.
3.  Shauna Frischkorn, Mcworkers.