FUSE 1-20

Neville Brody/Jon Wozencroft

If the phrases typographic understanding, typography as information systems and typography as graphic art mean something to you, then this book is the stuff of dreams. For the less informed amongst us, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the world of design discourse.

Neville Brody and Jon Wozencroft launched FUSE in 1991 as a counter to typographic formalism and the sterility of late 1980s commercial visual communication. Published quarterly, each issue was constructed around a theme, inviting four designers to produce a typeface and a poster. Fonts were loaded onto floppy discs and packaged in a brown cardboard box.

FUSE 1-20 is a fantastic demonstration not just of the execution, but also of the anatomy of type. The main text comprises editions 1-18, with two newly-commissioned issues, along with 10 A2 posters and 24 downloadable fonts, making this a wonderful text that offers a glimpse into typographic and experimental design, highlighting its relevance to contemporary communication today.

Bethany Rex