Frida Kahlo: Face to Face

Judy Chicago

Countless numbers of books have been written about Frida Kahlo. So, why has Prestel commissioned a new one? Artist, Judy Chicago alongside art historian, Frances Borzello, bring something new to the forum with Face to Face.

Chicago and Borzello selected 90 essential works, which survey Kahlo’s oeuvre, but in a new context. With Kahlo’s place firmly rooted in history, Chicago asks how exactly has this place been cemented? “As an important artist? Feminist hero, Latino pioneer? Popular icon?” Chicago considers Kahlo’s art without referring to her biography or husband, Diego Rivera. Both Chicago and Borzello take Kahlo’s work outside of the male narrative.

With essays and a running commentary from Chicago and Borzello, this book explores Kahlo’s many facets: woman, artist, inspiration and histori­cal figure. Although Kahlo already has a cult-like status, this new reading brings a welcome perspective, which extends beyond Kahlo, and into the work of women artists in general. Beautifully designed, this collection might make your shelf bow, but it’s worth it.

Shirley Stevenson