Formento+Formento: Circumstance

This September Formento+Formento celebrates the launch of a new artbook, Circumstance. The book will be released by YellowKorner internationally and will arrive in the UK on 12 September and in France on 18 September. The photographic duo, made up of BJ and Rochelle Formento, will attend a special evening event on Wednesday 18 September at the YellowKorner gallery in the Pompidou centre. Featured on two covers of Aesthetica, Formento+Formento’s striking frames uncover cinematic beauty and theatrical stories.

During 2009, while the United States was suffering from the subprimes crisis, the American photographers made the choice to embark on a creative journey across the country aboard their Silver Airstream. On a tiny budget, the couple visited 25 states to photograph 50 women over a five-month period. Inspired by the iconic fashion and film of the 1950s, the images are staged in a sophisticated way, telling tales with women not dissimilar to Hitchcock’s heroines.

The images captured during this saga are now part of a small limited edition of 2000 signed and numbered books. YellowKorner is organising, in its galleries, meetings and signing sessions with the photographers Formento+Formento. The photographers will be there to present their monographs, but also 20 new hitherto unseen photos exclusively taken for YellowKorner.

The tour is made up of the following dates:

YellowKorner, London Mayfair, 56 South Molton Street, London W1 5SG
September 12, 6pm

YellowKorner, Westfield Shopping Centre, White City, Ariel Way W12 7GF
September 13, 6pm

YellowKorner, Pompidou 137 Rue Saint Martin, Paris 75004
September 18, 6pm

YellowKorner, Levallois Centre Commercial So Ouest, 31 Rue d Alsace, Levallois-perret 92300
September 19, 6pm

Formento+Formento: Circumstance, YellowKorner, 12 – 19 September.