Foam Talent: Redefining Photography

Foam Talent: Redefining Photography

Photography is an ever-evolving medium; practitioners are constantly redefining its boundaries, experimenting with new styles in order to reflect and question the state of the world. Acting as a barometer for developing trends, the annual Foam Talent exhibition brings together 20 emerging artists, revealing contemporary innovations and providing an international platform for shared concerns. Starting at foam, Amsterdam, the show comes to Red Hook Labs, New York, next month, before travelling to Beaconsfield Gallery, London, in May.

Long term projects are one such burgeoning methodology included in this year’s selection. The featured image by Vasantha Yogananthan forms part of the ongoing series A Myth of Two Souls, inspired by the Hindu epic poem the Ramayana. The collection comprises seven books, taking Yogananthan from north to south India. Providing a contemporary retelling, it is part of a continuously shifting narrative, bringing together evocative, dreamlike images that interlace history, fiction and vernacular realism through a subtle colour palette. In a similar way, Wang Juyan’s aerial landscapes, captured over a period of several years, document China’s changing topography.

A striking array of topical, politically engaged works are also highlighted. Thomas Kuiper’s contribution examines the collective consciousness in the digital age, researching how online imagery contributes towards a fear of international terrorism. Another angle is investigated by Hari Srikhao, who reflects on the power and divine status of the monarchy in Thailand. Alix Marie’s abject depictions of the body offer highly relevant, sometimes unsettling, perspectives on notions of identity and representation, whilst Namsa Leuba’s polished studio portraits celebrate Guianese heritage through bright colours, clothing and set design.

This year’s show also features interdisciplinary practitioners, breaking down the divisions between established techniques. Combining the camera with sculpture, David de Beyter and Mark Dorf drive their imaginations forward through experimentation, whilst exploring the multi-layered history of the medium. de Beyter’s work, for example, combines sound and installation to explore the creative destruction of vehicles.  Other featured artists include: Sushant Chhabria, Alinka Echeverría, Weronika Gęsicka, Quentin Lacombe, Clément Lambelet, Erik Madigan Heck, Martin Errichiello & Filippo Menichetti, Wang Nan, Kai Oh, Viacheslav Poliakov, Ben Schonberger, Sadegh Souri and Harit Srikhao.

The exhibition runs at Red Hook Labs until 8 April. Find out more here.

1. From A Myth of Two Souls © Vasantha Yogananthan