Festival International D’Art Toulouse

The Festival International D’Art Toulouse was founded initially last year bringing together major artists, some of whom had never had a significant exhibition in France before. This 2014 edition of the Festival running from 23 May to 22 June presents projects made for unusual venues, which are placed in a sequence around the River Garonne. The festival also showcases exciting performances and concerts presented over its opening weekend. This event a highly varied and inclusive experience with a packed programme oriented towards today’s young scene whilst offering a refreshing variety of genres.

The first installation was the dome by Buckminster Fuller in the heart of the city. This widely acclaimed monument to modernity, is hoped to act as a beacon among the works by this year’s guest artists. Organised in close cooperation with the international programming committee, the projects are taking up position in the city over a period of time.

The festival strives to support remarkable works by the artists of the day. This years major project which plays with and traverses time features artists such as Jorge Pardo who offers his own response to the Romanesque capitals of the Musée des Augustins. The sculptor Elsa Sahal, will be exhibited alongside that of her master and teacher, Georges Jeanclos, in the space of the Hôtel-Dieu.

Susan Hiller the American -born artist who lives in London, will be showcasing her work. This is one of her few exhibitions in France, however her work has been seen in European and American museums over the last twenty years, and notably in a major retrospective at the Tate in 2011.

The Festival International D’Art Toulouse, 23 May to 22 June, across various venues in Toulouse, for more information visit www.toulouseartfestival.com

1. Susan Hiller, Channels, 2013.