Ferozkoh: Tradition and Continuity in Afghan Art, Leighton House Museum, London

Tradition and modernity in Afghanistan come into dialogue with one another in this Leighton House Museum exhibition, running from 15 November until 23 February. Uniting historic artifacts on loan from the Museum of Islamic Art with contemporary works, thoughtfully created by Afghan craftsmen in response to some of the greatest examples of Islamic art in the world, Ferozkoh examines how art of the past can inspire the future as well as engendering real social change.

The result of a collaboration between the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) in Doha, Qatar and students and teachers from the Turquoise Mountain Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture, in Kabul, the exhibition works on the preservation and continuity of themes and materials from the traditional arts of the Islamic world as well as interrogating the role of education in transmission and translation.

Meaning “turquoise mountain” in Dari, Ferozkoh comprises 18 beautiful objects, half historic from the MIA collection, encompassing the products of four dynasties with connections to Afghanistan. The other half is specially created for the exhibition by craftspeople in response to, and in conversation with, the historical objects.

The exhibition forms a key part of the Qatar UK 2013 Year of Culture, which aims to raise an awareness and appreciation of each’s country’s culture, achievements and heritage, as well as the Nour Festival of Arts, showcasing contemporary art and culture from across the Middle East and North Africa.

Ferozkoh: Tradition and Continuity in Afghan Art, 15 November- 23 February 2014, Leighton House Museum, Holland Park, London, W14 8LZ.

1. Ferozkoh: Tradition and Continuity in Afghan Art, courtesy of Qatar UK Year of Culture.