Expressive Regeneration

NMWA, Washington DC, considers the concepts of specta­cle and transcendence in its latest exhibition. Revival looks at the ways in which a diverse selection of female artists have achieved a moment of deep-rooted emotional connection that goes beyond simple visual appeal, whether through arresting aesthetics, intense subject matter or a dramatic use of scale.  From feelings of love and tenderness to dread and anxiety, the works collected in the show reveal the emotional power of new forms of expression pioneered by women artists in the post-war years, ranging from Louise Bourgeois’ bronze spider to Alison Saar’s suspended female forms.

National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC, 23 June -10 September. For more information:

1.  Anna Gaskell, untitled #27 (override), 1997. Chromogenic print mounted on Plexiglas, 50 x 60 in. National Museum of Women in the Arts, Gift of Heather and Tony Podesta Collection; © Anna Gaskell.