Estranged Landscapes

French artist Lauren Marsolier (b. 1972) – now based in Los Angeles – has developed a style that alleviates the world of specific details. Perceptual compositions alienate viewers through bright and equivocal landscapes, which are haunted by unidentifiable sources of lighting. Through this style of post-production and tonal minimalism, the featured locations are rendered simultaneously familiar and anonymous. Transition – Part 3, for example, is an ode to fictional spaces. Unending horizons and at blocks of colour evoke a limbo-like state: the audience cannot recognise a particular place. Devoid of noticeable characteristics and with empty skylines, the artist’s portfolio questions the role of our surroundings within the psyche. She has exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Phoenix Art Museum, and in 2013 was featured alongside Mitch Epstein, Robert Adams and Edward Burtynsky, amongst others, at Somerset House, London.